Brain plasticity promotes worsening of epileptic seizures

Epileptic seizures worsen via the same mechanism by which practice makes perfect, a new study.

miniPUMP – Heart Chamber on a Chip

Researchers at Boston University engineered a heart chamber on a chip that can beat by.

Wireless Implant for Anti-Cancer Photodynamic Therapy

Researchers at Texas A&M University created a wireless device that aims to illuminate and destroy.

Electronic Eye Enables Color Vision for microrobots

A team at Georgia State University have developed an “electronic eye” that can provide color.

AI may detect earliest signs of pancreatic cancer

An artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by Cedars-Sinai investigators accurately predicted who would develop pancreatic.

New tool to assess Long COVID symptoms

A comprehensive tool that can assess the symptoms of Long COVID has been developed at.

Wireless device to provide new options for colorectal cancer treatment

For those diagnosed with colorectal cancer, surgery has been the only option that offers a.

Excitable Nanoparticles Destroy Endometriosis Lesions

Researchers at Oregon State University developed a nanoparticle system that can aid with the removal.

Less invasive, more precise surgery, performed by a magnetic needle

Imagine a tiny, untethered needle that can enter the body through an incision no larger.

VR comparable to guided imagery for reducing procedural pain, anxiety in kids

A virtual reality (VR) pain management intervention worked as well as guided imagery among children.