Ketamine is Effective for Depression Treatment
Ketamine Therapy is Effective for Treatment of Depression

A new study led by Mass General Brigham researchers discovered that subanesthetic intravenous ketamine was.

Depression and Gut Microbiome Disruption
Research Links Depression to Gut Microbiome Disruption

As scientists, we’re used to reading about medical research issues in scholarly journals like the.

Depression Treatment
Researchers Reverse Brain Signals that Cause Depression

Powerful magnetic pulses delivered to the scalp to stimulate the brain can provide immediate relief.

Study Finds Source Of Depression Linked To An Enzyme

A previously unidentified pathway connecting gut bacteria, estrogen, and depression in women has been discovered.

Suicidal tendencies in children
Mental Health Issues & Suicide in Teens Linked to Being Bullied

According to a recent study by John Rovers of Drake University in the United States.

Mental Health Issues in Hospitality Industry
Hospitality & Real Estate Professionals More Prone to Mental Health Issues

Although depression and other mental health issues are more prevalent in the hospitality and real.

Air pollution can trigger late-life depression
Late-life Depression Linked to Long Exposure to Air Pollution

According to a study that was published online on February 10 in JAMA Network Open,.

AI to help with Suicide Prevention
Key Indicators of Suicide Identified Using AI

Researchers and clinicians at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and McLean Hospital in Belmont, which.

Boost Brain Health with Cold Water Therapy
Cold Water Shock Changes Brain Wiring, MRI Reveals

A group of scientists has discovered for the first time that exposure to cold water.

Researchers uncover a connection between multiple sclerosis lesions and depression

Two major health conditions appear to share a connection. Multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease which.